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Wolf Point Schools Welcome New Teachers
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Wolf Point Schools Welcome New Teachers

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There are some new faces within Wolf Point School District this year with several new teachers joining the staff.
Jessica Molenda
Jessica Molenda is new to the Wolf Point School District this year and new to teaching in general. She will be spending this pivotal first year as a fifth- grade teacher at Northside Elementary School.
Molenda, who is originally from Tonasket, Wash., attended high school there and went on to attend Eastern Washington University and Jamestown College.
Molenda said she was enticed by Wolf Point because some of her family lives in the area and she thought the residents were very friendly.
She said her goal for the school year was to help the students feel successful in school and to show growth throughout the year.
Lesa Gowing
New teacher Lesa Gowing hails from Great Falls where she graduated high school. She attended Montana State University - Northern in Havre and went on to teach in Lame Deer School District for five years, Superior School District for 14 years and at a middle school in Las Vegas, Nev., for one year.
Gowing, who has family in the area, will be teaching sixth grade and is excited for the opportunities the WPSD offers its teachers.
She stated she hopes her students will believe they can accomplish more than they originally thought by the end of the year and would like to see improvements in their reading and math skills.
In terms of her teaching philosophy, Gowing believes in cooperative learning and the concept that more is learned collectively than individually.
Gowing said she was looking forward to building relationships in and out of the classroom and Wolf Point School district is just the place to do so.
Paige Vinton
Paige Vinton is brand new to the Wolf Point School District as well as teaching.
Vinton is originally from Helena and went to Helena High School. She attended University of Montana - Western in Dillon.
Her first year will be spent with kindergartners at Southside Elementary School.
Vinton said her goals for the year were to get to know her students, create a great learning environment and improve her teaching skills.
She thought a great learning environment was comprised of both learning and fun, and employs the “I do, we do, you do” method.
Vinton said she looked forward to working in WPSD and growing as an educator.
Lacey Dickinson
Lacey Dickinson, a native of Scobey, will be joining the Wolf Point School District as a new science teacher at the high school.
Dickinson attended high school in Scobey and then attended college at the University of Montana in Missoula.
She said she has been teaching for four years and hopes to get students excited about science so more will take it as an elective during their junior and senior years.
Dickinson said she wanted to create a learning environment where students felt welcome to explore and ask questions, and she tries to do as many hands-on activities as possible in order to keep everyone engaged.
Dickinson is already involved outside the classroom as the C squad volleyball coach and she looks forward to meeting new students and working with the supportive and friendly staff.
Tommy Olsen
Tommy Olsen may be new to teaching at Wolf Point Schools, but he is not unfamiliar with them since he is a Wolf Point native.
He graduated from Wolf Point High School and attended Dickinson State University in North Dakota.
Olsen will spend his first year teaching fourth- and fifth-grade special education at Northside Elementary School.
He said he wants to be the best teacher possible, learn from his colleagues and help his students reach their potential.
Olsen wants to employ a structured learning environment and encourage students to learn from one another.
He is looking forward to being a supporter of the Wolves at all of their events and gaining insight from his seasoned co-workers.
Carla Swenson
New teacher Carla Swenson spent her first two years of high school in Anchorage, Alaska before graduating from Havre High School. She went on to attend Montana State University – Northern in Havre and eventually graduated from Peru State College in Peru, Neb.
She previously taught at Sunset Ridge Elementary School in Pacifica,
Calif., but will enjoy her third year of teaching at Northside Elementary School as a fourth-grade teacher.
She hopes to keep her students engaged and is most looking forward to continuing to expand her knowledge base in all aspects of teaching.
The Herald-News encourages the community to welcome these new teachers and make them feel at home.