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Abigail Reddoor

Abigail Yvonne Reddoor, 80, died Monday, April 23, 2018, at Roosevelt Medical Center in Culbertson.
She was born in Poplar Sept. 26, 1937, to David Leader Reddoor and Mabel Geraldine Shields. She was the fourth child of six. She grew up in Fort Kipp, Chelsea, Poplar and Oglala, S.D., graduating from Brockton High School.
Her faith was the backbone of her family and her resilience withstood adversity and earthly obstacles which allowed her to humbly and gracefully embrace the obstacles in dignity.
In 1963, she was joined in marriage with Eugene Thomas “Gene” Ryan Sr. of Sisseton, S.D., and from this union beget three children: two daughters, Lanette M. Ryan and Gina Elizabeth Bearfighter, and one son, Eugene Thomas “Chiefy” Ryan. They lived in San Jose, Calif., for 11 years then made the move to Poplar in 1975.
Throughout her life, she developed skills and friendships through her many talents and adventures. She worked as a medical transcriptionist for 25 years at the Verne E. Gibbs Health Center in Poplar, for San Jose Medical Examiner in San Jose, Calif., and also for Medical Lovelace Center, Albuquerque, N.M. She attended Haskall Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas, forging a friendship with Billy Mills. She graduated from NAES and the Fort Peck Community College with a business degree.
Her most significant accomplishments was her walk with the Lord and she was always happy to share that. She loved her family, her heritage and cultural language and spoke fluent Dakota Sioux, embarking on yet another journey teaching the Dakota language to the young children and adults of the Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes of Fort Peck and was an instructor of the Dakota language and Dakota hymns at Fort Peck Community College. She loved teaching the language and keeping it alive within the community and loved singing Dakota hymns in which she made several Dakota Odowan hymns with her elder sister Irma Reddoor. She instilled the passion for genealogy in the community.
She participated and had membership in many organizations, including P.C.O, Dakota Presbytery and Elder Deacons Association.
She was a master seamstress, a genealogist, creative craftsman, designer of women’s traditional dress, which was exhibited in cultural museums in South Dakota. She could twirl a baton and taught her two daughters also. She could skin a deer in less than eight minutes. She forged friendships with notable people throughout the world and the young children loved her stories of Iktomi.
She was preceded in death by brothers, Gabriel Andrew Shields, David L. Reddoor Jr. and Timothy Reddoor Sr.; sisters, Mary Mabel Reddoor and Irma Florence Reddoor; son, Eugene Thomas “Chiefy” Ryan Jr.; granddaughter, Evelynn Eden “Lisbeth Grayeagle; and foster family, Lewis and Loetta Boyd of Brockton.
She is survived by daughters, Lanette M. Ryan and Gina Elizabeth Bearfighter, both of Poplar; and eight grandchildren.
Her funeral was held Thursday, April 26, at the Poplar Cultural Center. Interment was at the Chelsea Cemetery.