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Montana Teens Working Toward Ownit

In the technological world we currently live in, the Internet can be a good place or a bad place. The bad side can be anything from clicking a questionable link that creates a virus on your computer to cyber bullying.

However, the good side is being able to stay in contact with friends and family, wherever they may be in the world; and being able to search a homework question and more than likely find the answer.
The Ownit community, made up of Montana teenagers, create messages and pictures to throw into the online world to prevent alcohol/drug abuse amongst their peers.
Ownit is holding a contest to kick of the launch of their website. To enter the contest, teens must create an original 30-second video or picture answering the question, “What do you need to own in your life to move on in 2016?”.
Mary Machart, Jobs for Montana’s Graduates advisor at Culbertson Public Schools, is attempting to get her students involved with Ownit.
“I am going to have them enter the contest and try to get others fired up about being a part of it and making a difference,” she said.
For video submissions, first-place would receive $100, second would receive $75 and third receives $50. For picture submissions, first place would receive $25 and second place would receive $15. Each participant will receive a T-shirt for their efforts.
Winners of this contest will have their creations published on the new webpage and on Ownit’s Facebook page beginning the week of March 1.
Those who enter must email their final products to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., including their contact information and T-shirt size. Submissions are due by midnight on Wednesday, Feb. 24.