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Local Donates Family Member’s Book To Library

On Tuesday, Jan. 31, Larry Birch of Culbertson met with librarian Ross Helmer at Culbertson Public Library, where he donated a book written by his grand-nephew, Chandler J. Birch, titled The Face Faker’s Game. The book is of the fantasy fiction genre.
Chandler, 25, is the son of Larry’s nephew, Mike Birch, a former Culbertson resident and 1981 Culbertson High School graduate.
Chandler was born in Montana, but moved to Denver, Colo., at an early age. Larry said that his grand-nephew ignored the Rocky Mountains for Middle Earth, Narnia and Temerant.
According to Larry, Mike described his son to have spoken differently than other children his age. He loved books, and before even beginning kindergarten, his favorites were in the Chronicles of Narnia series. Mike believed they fed his insatiable imagination with vivid illustrations of adventure and magic.
As a third-grader, Chandler began writing his own stories using dialog with heroes, villains, conflict and victory. In high school, he was a voracious reader that read far beyond his required studies. He always had a book of fantasy in his hands, recalls Mike.
While in high school, Chandler created a character named Ashes who invaded his thoughts. Ashes consumed him, with his story being used in several college projects. Mike says that these invaluable experiences helped Chandler to develop his own fantasy story filled with magic, mystery, intrigue, adventure and danger.
In Chandler’s final year of college, he entered a nationwide contest sponsored by renowned publisher, Simon and Schuster, for first-time fantasy authors where the winner would receive a publishing contract.
His work was chosen over all other entries. In The Face Faker’s Game, all of Chandler’s ideas are the vivid pictures of his own imagination which come to life with his ability to communicate them in writing.
The book is available in paperback at Barnes and Noble and is also sold on Amazon, Kindle and in bookstores everywhere.
Now, thanks to Larry, the book is also available at Culbertson’s local library.