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County Commissioners Approve Summer Hires

At the May 16 public meeting of the Roosevelt County Commissioners, they approved several items including the summer hires for the weed department.
Three crews of two people each with an extra individual to fill in when necessary were hired for the summer weed department. Ethan Hendrickson, Eric Hendrickson, Logan Nickoloff, Tony Williams, Noah Nickoloff, Carter Nickoloff and Lucas Oelkers were approved for hiring. Gordon Oelkers abstained from voting on these hires as a member of his family was hired.
According to John Bach, Interstate Engineering, Thompson Construction finished installing Smoke Creek Bridge in approximately four days. A pay request to Thompson was approved in the amount of $75,433. With the approval of this pay request, the one-year warranty went into effect. This guarantees the bridge until May 16, 2018.
The commissioners also approved the certificate of substantial completion for Smoke Creek Bridge, signifying the end of that project.
The commissioners approved the DUI task force plan for the next year. This plan is essentially a mission statement that must be approved by the county and sent to the State of Montana.
Several other items discussed included:
•Approval of a new maintenance position for the new jail. Due to the increase in size for the jail, more employees will be needed to maintain the facility.
•Pay raises approved for Elsie Eggebrecht, aging department, Gaydella Brunelle, 911 dispatch, and Brandy Sutton, 911 dispatch, were approved.
•Authorized Duane Nygaard, presiding officer of the Roosevelt County Commissioners, to sign a revised grant application for L.M. Clayton Airport. Bids were received for construction of the new hangar and the grant application is revised to reflect that fact.
•Authorization granted to sign the grant agreement when the Federal Aviation Administration sends it to the commissioners.
•The county health insurance was renewed with a 3 percent savings on premiums.
•Claims for May 5 in the amount of $700,028.93 were approved. These claims included a payment to Sletten Construction for the jail.