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Commissioners Approve Phase One Of Royalty Investigation

At the regular public meeting of the Roosevelt County Commission May 30, the commissioners approved phase one of an investigation into royalties and interest in the eastern part of the county.
Commissioner Duane Nygard said that the county hired a person to check into Roosevelt County’s royalties and interest to find any oil wells that the county wasn’t collecting on. He reported that approximately one-third of the county has been completed at this point, marking the end of phase one. Approximately nine wells that the county wasn’t being paid royalties for were found during the investigation.
The money collected from these wells will be distributed into the general fund and go towards things such as the jail and road departments.
Nygard said, “They found about nine wells we will get paid for now. These will be part of the future of Roosevelt County.”
The commissioners approved phase one’s completion.
The commissioners also approved a transfer of funds to the Culbertson airport which will go towards a $212,400 all weather broadcasting system. EMS services will cover approximately 10 percent of the costs of this device since it will greatly increase their effectiveness.
A loan to the Polson airport was also approved. These funds were not being used by Roosevelt County and will be paid back by Polson in 2018 ensuring that Roosevelt County doesn’t lose the funding.
Other small items approved at this meeting include:
•Rehiring of Traci Kjelshus as a seasonal part-time worker for the Extension office.
•Approval of claims for May 18 in the amount of $614,372.88. This includes a payment to Sletten Construction for the new jail.
•A request to purchase 19 tables, 54 chairs, three chair carts and one table cart for a total of $2,377.70 by the Wolf Point Area Museum was approved. Commissioner Gordon Oelkers noted that the museum had $2,500 in their account.
•Approval of minutes for the May 16 meeting.