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Commissioners Approve Taser Replacement Plan For Sheriff’s Office

At a special public meeting Monday, Aug. 7, the Roosevelt County Commissioners approved a new taser replacement plan for the Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office.
The plan is to purchase 15 tasers over the next five years to replace old and outdated tasers currently in use.
The replacements are a necessity as replacement cartridges for the old tasers will no longer be available for purchase in the near future. The tasers that RCSO are currently using are approximately 11 years old.
The replacements will cost approximately $22,000 over the next five years, which will be decreased by $100 per old taser that the company who is selling the new tasers buys back.
The commissioners also approved two new hires and a raise at this meeting. Macala Adkins was hired as a mower for the Roosevelt County road department. Joshua Miller was hired to temporary status at the 911 department. Miller will be temporary status until both the commissioners and the 911 board approve his hiring. Finally, Joseph Reinhart at the Roosevelt County jail was granted an annual raise.
Other approvals at this meeting include:
·Claims in the amount of $100,199.01 for July 27.
·Minutes for the regular public meeting July 25, special administrative session July 31 and the month of July 2017.