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LEPC Holds Short Meeting, Updates On DES Urgency

In Poplar, the Roosevelt County Local Emergency Planning Committee held a short, 15-minute meeting Sept. 12, due to a lack of attendance. There, the DES urgency issue was discussed and school lettering updates were given.
“After looking into it, there is nothing that the LEPC can do other than push the county commissioners to change the way things are going,” shared Lee Allmer, LEPC chairperson. “This is a county job. The state has nothing to do with it,” he added.
It was noted that Lindsey McNabb, County DES, is selectively allowed permission from the commissioners to attend incidents where she is needed. At the district 6 state DES conference in Wolf Point, where McNabb was in attendance, an incident occurred, and McNabb was granted permission to leave the conference by a commissioner and respond to the incident.
In the future, it is possible that McNabb will have her own private office away from the commissioners, so it is the LEPC’s hopes that she will soon be able to part herself from the commissioners’ receptionist position and once again be able to perform DES duties as she is aware she needs to prioritize.
The materials for lettering area schools have been ordered and currently McNabb is being trained on how to operate the vinyl cutter. First in line to be cut is the lettering for Bainville Public School, since the school tour has already taken place and the numbers for each building are known.
The next LEPC meeting is slated to be in Culbertson, tentatively at Roosevelt Medical Center Tuesday, Oct. 10, at 2 p.m. November’s meeting will be at 2 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 14, tentatively at the Fire Hall in Bainville.