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MHP Calling For Tips In Hit-And-Run Incident

Hit-and-Run Victim
This 2008 Dodge Ram 5500 was struck by two tires from the rear of a semi-truck in a hit-and-run incident Wednesday, Nov. 22. According to Montana Highway Patrol sergeant Jeff Kent, the driver was luckily not injured in the incident.

Montana Highway Patrol needs area residents’ help in identifying a semi-truck involved in a hit-and-run incident which occurred on U.S. Hwy. 2 near Poplar Wednesday, Nov. 22, according to Montana Highway Patrol Sgt. Jeff Kent.
Kent said that one of the dual wheels on the rear of the semi came off as the vehicle was headed east along U.S. Hwy. 2 and struck a 2008 Dodge Ram 5500 pickup headed west. The Dodge pickup sustained significant damage in the incident.
The semi, described as a blue colored semi-truck with some sort of belly- dump trailer by Kent, traveled on to its destination without stopping.
A belly-dump trailer is usually used to haul materials such as gravel and unloads from the side or bottom of the trailer.
Kent said that MHP received reports that the vehicle possible headed up secondary highway 251, also known as the RY road, between Poplar and Brockton. That road goes all the way to Flaxville.
MHP had the weigh station east of Culbertson keep an eye out for the vehicle but it never came through the weigh station. This leads Kent to believe that the semi must be local if it never made it to North Dakota.
MHP are asking for any tips or leads to locate the semi or the driver of the semi. Kent said the vehicle is a blue-colored semi-truck with some kind of belly-dump trailer.
This driver kept driving after his tires came off and caused significant damage to another vehicle, which is considered a hit-and-run.
If you have any information which could lead Montana Highway Patrol to the driver or the vehicle, call Jeff Kent at 406-939-0716.