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Bainville Council Hears Residents’ Complaints At Recent Meeting

Several complaints from citizens were addressed at the latest Bainville Town Council meeting.
A complaint regarding the parking of a semi truck on Flynn Avenue East too close to the stop sign. The council suggested the clerk inform the complainant that the driver of the truck has been notified and the truck has been moved within the allowed feet of the stop sign.
Another addressed involved a dog complaint on Flynn Avenue East whereas a dog has acted aggressive towards a neighbor. The council suggested the clerk email the complainant to find out a description of the dog and notify the Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office.
Lyle Lambert, of Public Works, shared that Christmas lights have been installed on Clinton Street. He has received some positive feedback from the public.
There is a light that needs replacing in Simard Park. Lambert asked the council which would be more of a cost-effective way to fix the light in the park. He has researched the cost of heavy duty light poles and they are costly. A suggestion was brought up to buy the same light pole but be able to fill the pole with concrete to make it sturdier, so the pole doesn’t break easy.
Yield signs have been installed by the Lutheran church on Seventh Avenue East and Clinton Street.
He stated there have been some near accidents at this intersection with people who are not watching for each other and zooming through the intersection following big trucks.
Lambert then gave an update on the wastewater grant, noting that he forgot to add in the contingency, the Toolcat has been approved, the sewer camera has been approved and the building at the lift station has been approved.
Dry Prairie Rural Water will be making some repairs to their system so they will shut the Town of Bainville down for two days. This is a good test to see how the town survives on the water in the storage tank.
Discussion ensued on a quiet title for the Dorothy Crawley property. City attorney Greg Hennessy stated that the quiet title has been advertised in the newspaper and is going through the proper channels.
Clerk Nikki Rogers discovered in Title 7 Chapter 4 Garbage Sections 030 Containers for and Disposal of Garbage adding mattresses under items and section 050 of the
Bainville Town Code limited to whomever resides in the town limits and connected with the water system can only be charged the garbage rate.
Hennessy and Rogers suggested the change be to the following: “Each property owner, landlord, tenant, lessor, lessee or such others as reside or occupy a residence or other structure within town limits without limitation be required to pay garbage collection fee, which shall be due and collectable in the same manner as the water and sewer accounts.”
Scott Ross moved adopt the proposed ordinance revision and set a public hearing for Dec. 11. Matt Giese seconded the motion. All voted in favor and motion carried.
Discussion began on a new street light in the First Street to Third Street and Rhea Avenue to Flynn Avenue. Jeana Goff has put in a formal request for a street light in the area of Rhea Avenue from First Street to Third Street.
Rogers stated she has talked with Robin Manning regarding putting in street lights and Manning stated her opposition to having a new street light but she knows it is a matter of time before there will be a new light.
Lambert stated MDU was in town to look at the area and agreed two new street lights would be beneficial as the line from First Street would be not long enough. They can not dig underground.
By council consensus, two new street lights will be installed in this part of town.
Hennessey stated he has been served by Halverson, Mahlen and Wright, P.C. regarding the Town of Bainville/Bainville Water Systems Improvements Project 2016 by C&C Excavation. Rogers will work with Hennessy regarding the requested documents from Halverson, Mahlen and Wright, P.C.