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Sheriff’s Office To Switch Wireless Providers

At the regular public meeting Dec. 19, the Roosevelt County Commissioners approved a request from the Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office to switch wireless providers.
Recently, the sheriff’s office sought quotes on a wireless services contract from all major carriers who operate in this area. AT&T put in the lowest cost comparative to the wireless devices offered.
Very soon, deputies in Roosevelt County will be ditching their old flip phones for smartphones, according to commissioner Gary Macdonald.
Macdonald said, prior to this switch, RCSO was paying Verizon Wireless somewhere between $600 and $700 per month for wireless services and older-style flip phones.
The new contract offered by AT&T provides service and smartphones to all deputies for around $700 per month.
A big plus of having smartphone technology on their side is that deputies will be able to access databases and upload photos that could be considered evidence from the field.
Macdonald says that the Verizon contract wasn’t a great deal and deputies previously were often left using their personal phones on the job. If, for any reason, that phone needed to be entered into evidence, the deputy would be without a phone.
With this new contract, deputies can keep their personal devices separate from their work and don’t risk losing them.
Other items approved:
•Brian Nelson, a jailer at Roosevelt County Detention Center, was approved for an annual pay raise.
•Frances Augare and Mindy Nelson were hired as nurses with Roosevelt County Health Department.
•Task order five from Interstate engineering, which was tabled at the last meeting, was approved.