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School Board Adopts Board Policy, Future Agenda Items

At the regular meeting of the Culbertson School board, Tuesday, Jan. 16, the Indian Education Equal Participation policy was reviewed and adopted. This policy was presented to the Culbertson School JOM Parent Advisory Committee and the Fort Peck Tribes Education Committee for review and consideration prior to being adopted by the board.
The athletics department reported that the girl’s elementary basketball has 17 participants and the boy’s team has 24. The superintendent’s report shared that with the purchase of several new uniform sets this year the board can consider if, when and how to store the old sets or dispose of them. The new uniform sets that have been purchased this year consist of high school volleyball, high school girl’s and boy’s basketball, junior high boy’s and girl’s basketball and cheerleading.
With the addition of should pads for football last year, and the possibility of purchasing 14 more in the future, the board will decide at the February meeting whether or not to dispose of the should pads no longer in use.
The Science Curriculum will also be reviewed in the future by the Board. Currently the staff is reviewing the curriculum and ordering samples. Replacements might be considered in February and January.
The staff will review any new materials received in March. Following that, the Curriculum Committee of the board, staff and the public will conduct a community meeting(s) in April. The board will consider adoption of any science curriculum changes in May.
The CEA and administration developed calendar options for the 2018-19 school calendar. The board will adopt a calendar from the options presented at the February meeting.
Contract renewals for staff will take place in March. The board will construct teaching assignments at April’s board meeting.
The bus route contract renewals will take place by April or sooner.
Elbert Swearingen was hired as a full-time custodian pending a background check. Mike Olson was recommended to be the high school track assistant coach. Janelle Ator was recommended to be the elementary girls’ basketball volunteer assistant coach, alongside Karli Larsen, volunteer head coach for the team.
At the December board meeting, the bus route extension for route #6 was approved. This route was referred to as unusual, as it is paid on a flat rate per day compared to the other routes that are paid by the mile. This is due to the minimal miles that are run each day. Bus route #6 driver Christian Hekkel received a $20 per day, $10 per run, increase in his contract to compensate for the route mileage change.
Halvar Olstead, Culbertson’s driver education instructor, shared with Superintendent Larry Crowder hat he will be moving in July of 2018, which will allow him to do a spring or June of 2018 driver education class. The board was given a list of options, and Lora Finnicum, school clerk, recommended having a summer class in June.
The February School board meeting was held Tuesday, Feb. 20 at 6:30 p.m. in the school’s cafeteria.