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Commissioners Vote 2-1 On Contract With Sheriff’s Union

The Roosevelt County Commissioners handled several important business items at their regular meeting Tuesday, March 6.
The items in question included a minor dispute over the Teamsters Union contract for the sheriff’s office and voting to advertise for water operators for the now-defunct town of Brockton.
After many weeks of negotiations, a union contract for the Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office was brought to the commissioners for approval. The RCSO’s union is the International Brotherhood of , one of the oldest and largest unions in the United States.
There were two major changes to the proposed RCSO union contract. The first change was that each RCSO employee receive a 2.5 percent cost of living increase. The second change was that longevity for employees moved from 20 years to 21 years.
Commissioner Duane Nygaard said that he strongly disagreed with moving the longevity from 20 to 21 years. This ultimately led Nygaard to oppose passing the union contract. However, because Roosevelt County needed a contract in place for the RCSO, presiding officer Gary Macdonald and commissioner Gordon Oelkers voted to approve the contract.
The commissioners passed a motion to hire water and wastewater operators for the community of Brockton.
In recent months, the commissioners officially voted to disincorporate the town of Brockton as it was no longer able to function as a town. Macdonald noted that the commissioners have yet to receive anything from the State of Montana accepting disincorporation of the town, meaning that Brockton is still officially a town for the time being.
However, this didn’t stop the commissioners from moving forward in taking over the services for the tiny community. The jobs will be advertised as a 208-hour per year position due to the small amount of hours required to maintain Brockton’s water system.
A bid will be called for on the junk vehicle contract for the county in the coming weeks. A private land owner in McCone County has offered to store the vehicles in a way deemed appropriate. For instance, the junk vehicles should not be easily visible.
Additionally, the commissioners renewed the road fund levy for the 2018 election as Resolution 2018-12. This is a renewal of the same levy that is currently in place. The levy is eight mills over the next six years and generates approximately $252,363 per year. This levy is used to maintain Roosevelt County roads.
Other Business
Approval given to the road department to purchase a 2010 Peterbilt semi for $54,000. The vehicle has 400,000 miles on it, which was the lowest they could find, according to Ken Norgaard, road department foreman.
Prior to the approval for the clerk of court to purchase a desk for $1,910, the commissioners approved the clerk of court office moving into the former office of the justice of the peace.
An brief update was given on the Roosevelt County Day of Service. The Day of Service will be in Culbertson May 23 from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.
Minutes for the month of February were approved.