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Culbertson Museum Doors Open May 14

The Culbertson Museum, located east of Culbertson just outside of town along U.S. Highway 2, will be opening their doors to the public Monday, May 14, for the 2018 summer tourist season.
The museum typically has visitors from across the United States and Canada, as well as countries from around the globe. Locally, area schools have already inquired about spring tours.
The museum continues to offer travel information to tourists as they enter Montana. The museum notes that the state no longer helps with salaries and does not provide free travel information and maps for distribution to any who are in need of that information, but the museum believes it is a vital service to all entering the area.
This spring, the museum has the quilt room on schedule to have a new roof. Currently, enough funds have been collected for the project unless the cost goes over the current bid. The project is hoped to be completed prior to opening day. The museum is grateful for all who contributed to the project and all are invited to visit the museum and see the newly revised quilt room.
Chairs, tables and a rolling holder for the chairs were also purchased with the help of funds raised from fundraising events. The chairs and tables were used in the 2017 All-School Reunion where the museum was serving root beer floats.
On Feb. 4, the museum held their annual Cabin Fever Day and served homemade soups and chili with buns and sherbet. This year, the quilt was the won by Mavis Schledewitz. A basket filled with Montana-made goodies,donated by Evelyn Carlisle, was drawn for at the event as well, with Shawna Justice winning it.
The quilt for next year’s Cabin Fever event is slated to be completed soon and will be displayed at the museum where tickets will be available for purchase. It is being made from embroidered blocks that were received from Diane Hampton. The blocks were said to have belonged to Hampton’s aunt Mary.
Last fall, the museum lost their friend and co-worker, Bernie Raaum. The museum notes that Raaum was “a driving force behind the museum and will be greatly missed.”
Since the thresher’s association has disbanded, most of the museum’s outside display items are gone. Anyone that has something that could be displayed in the fenced-in, outdoor area can contact the museum or the directors.
Volunteers are also being searched for to fill in hours at the museum, and those interested in helping are encouraged to contact the museum or the directors.
The 2018 museum board of directors are Suzette Houle, LeEtta Waldhausen, Lois Raaum, Bruce Waldhausen, Evelyn Carlisle, Jeri Gustafson, Jill Herness, Tom Nelson and Leo Waldhausen.