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DUI Task Force Announces Annual Scholarship Winner

The Roosevelt County DUI Task Force reviewed submissions and chose the winner of their annual scholarship at their meeting Friday, May 11.

Davey Winn of Bainville High School was chosen as the winner out of the four essays submitted for the scholarship. The objective was to write an essay about the negative impacts of impaired driving.

The four essays were graded anonymously by Fort Peck Community College staff. AJ Allen, task force coordinator, hopes to present the scholarship of $500 to Winn in the near future.
Also discusses at this meeting was the upcoming day of service in Culbertson May 23. Allen ordered 300 personalized car-vent air fresheners to hand out at the event. The cherry-scented air fresheners act as a reminder that impaired driving hurts everyone.

Allen said that any that aren’t given away at the day of service could be used for future events.

Allen also reported that he will be sending out letters reminding places that serve alcohol that all services must obtain liquor licenses which educate them on what to look for and when to stop serving people. Presently, the course can be taken online. Allen is working to find someone who can come teach the class in Roosevelt County.

The Roosevelt County DUI Task Force will hold its next regular meeting June 1.