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Commissioners Discuss Froid Library Woes

At the regular meeting of the Roosevelt County commissioners Tuesday, May 29, the commissioners heard about the heating and cooling woes of the building housing the Froid Public Library.
It was reported that Froid has a system in need of repairs and they have already called for bids. The building houses the library, fire department and senior center. It was stated that, in the last several years, Froid has lost a lot of money and this building is only 10 years old.
Froid currently has about $20,000 in their building fund and the projected cost of the project is $45,000.
Commissioner Gordon Oelkers,
whose district includes Froid, asked what percentage of the building is the library. The answer was somewhere between 30 and 40 percent. Oelkers said the library is the commissioners’ best way to justify helping with the project.
The commissioners said that they will probably have to wait until budget time in July before they can help. In the meantime, the commissioners have requested more exact information in the meantime.
Other items of note at this meeting:
•A new computer was approved for purchase for the commissioners’ office in the amount of $1,794.99.
•Levi Olson was hired for a position at the Roosevelt County Detention Center.
•The annual Roosevelt County DUI Task Force plan was approved.
•Elsie Eggebrecht, aging department, was approved for her annual pay raise.