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Storm Ravages Sheridan County

Sher-Wood Airport Destroyed
The Sher-Wood Airport in Plentywood was the victim of 118 mph straight-line winds Monday, July 9. The National Weather Service of Glasgow shared an unofficial storm report Tuesday afternoon which stated that the airport was likely the victim of this macroburst which ripped through Sheridan County. (Photo By Taylor Ordahl with Brooks Photography at brooksphoto.org)


A storm ripped through Sheridan County including the town of Plentywood late Monday, July 9, evening.

Though unofficial as of press time, the National Weather Service of Glasgow suspects and F1 or F2 tornado on the Fujita Scale touched down on the south side of Plentywood, devastating the area.
In addition, Plentywood suffered a 118 mile-per-hour macroburst, often called a straight-line wind, which contributed to the destruction of the nearby airport and other structures. NWS Glasgow is still analyzing this at the moment, but confirmed that the macroburst is the most likely culprit for this level of destruction.
NWS Glasgow was investigating late into Tuesday, July 10, afternoon. They had more property damage to survey than previously anticipated. In addition, NWS Glasgow said that more thunderstorms were anticipated for the immediate area late Tuesday afternoon.