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Roosevelt County Commissioners Approve Appointments, Pay Raises

The Roosevelt County Commissioners approved various board appointments and pay raises at their regular public meeting, July 10.
Jeff Wozniak was approved for appointment to the mosquito board. Presiding officer Gary Macdonald remarked that this was the first time in his 19 years as a commissioner that three people had sat on the mosquito board at the same time.
Hospital trustees Shane Gibson and Jim Nesbit were also re-approved for their respective districts. Nesbit was reappointed as trustee of districts one and nine which represent Poplar. Gibson was reappointed to districts three and 45 which represent Wolf Point.
Annual pay raises were approved for the following employees: Gloria Giese, aging department; Jacob Gibby, road department; Shelley Arndt, treasurer’s office; Jenna Presser, treasurer;’s office; and Lindsey Nygaard, clerk and recorder’s office.
Commissioner Duane Nygaard abstained from voting on Nygaard’s pay raise due to a family relationship.
In addition, a six-month probationary pay raise was approved for Roosevelt County Library employee Kelli Hackley.
The commissioners also approved the annual procurement policy. Few changes were made to the text, which was approved by legal prior to being approved by the commissioners.
The procurement policy is a legal guideline for the county on how they go about making purchases over certain amounts.
One change to the text which commissioner Gordon Oelkers made, was removing three of the four mentions of advertising at least three days prior to approving purchases/bids. The reason is that the Roosevelt County Commissioners typically advertise at least two weeks prior to making major purchases, because there is no daily newspaper within the county.
In other business, the commissioners approved minutes for the public meeting June 26 and the month of June. Claims for July 6 in the amount of $254,250.62 were approved.