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New Roosevelt County Attorney Plans Commute

Culbertson’s Austin Knudsen has served as a member of the Montana House of Representatives from the 36th district since 2010. Now, he’s preparing to take on a new role as Roosevelt County Attorney beginning Jan. 2.
Before he can do that, however, he has to pack up the office at Knudsen Law, PLLC, on Broadway Avenue in Culbertson.

When he spoke to The Herald-News, he was surrounded by stacks of manila folders and boxes of paperwork in the tiny downtown office.
“I started the firm in 2013,” said Knudsen. “It’s been a solo operation.”
Asked when he plans to vacate, he said, “Whenever I actually lock the doors, the office will be closed by Christmas.”
Knudsen’s new office will be in the basement of the Roosevelt County Courthouse in Wolf Point. He’s already got some work waiting for him.
According to Knudsen, he will be handling at least two felony cases within days of taking the job. He couldn’t discuss details but said the first case is attempted homicide and trial is set for Jan. 8. The other case is a felony drug charge of attempt to distribute methamphetamine.
“I’ll have to hit the ground running,” said Knudsen.
One thing sure to increase is the length of Knudsen’s daily commute. He smiled at the prospect.
“I used to drive to Plentywood twice a day when I was first practicing law,” said Knudsen.
He reserved his frowns for the piles of paperwork on his floor.