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Church Asks To Use County Lot For Parking

The Roosevelt County Commissioners held their first regular meeting of 2019 in Wolf Point on Tuesday, Jan. 8. Commissioners Gary Macdonald, Duane Nygaard and Gordon Oelkers were in attendance.
Christine Eggar from the Wolf Point Church of Christ utilized the public comment portion of the meeting to request the use of a county lot behind the Church of Christ building at 121 Benton St. for parking purposes. The church has used the lot during previous years.
Oelkers told Eggar, “I want it to happen.”
Some discussion of an insurance rider to be provided by the church was considered before the commissioners made a motion and approved the lot for use.
Minutes were approved for the regular public meeting on Dec. 18 and special administrative meetings in the morning and afternoon of Dec. 20. The special meetings covered billing procedures for the 911 system upgrade and a motion to allow employees to take leave for a partial day beginning at noon on Jan. 1, New Year’s Day. All but one employee took advantage of the opportunity. No employees were granted paid leave for the half-day.
Minutes for a presiding officer meeting on Jan. 2 were approved. The commissioners elected Gary Macdonald as presiding officer. Also on Jan. 2, the commissioners approved a request from incoming county attorney Austin Knudsen for a concealed weapons permit at a special administrative meeting.
A handful of administrative resolutions were passed.
Resolution 2019-10 concerns the location and posting of public notices for municipal buildings in Wolf Point and Culbertson. Resolution 2019-11 is an amendment to current office hours for the commissioners’ office. The new hours stipulate that the office will be closed from noon to 1 p.m. on days when commissioners aren’t expected to be present. Resolution 2019-12 renews the rate of $50 per day for the payment of court-mandated fines via credit for incarceration.
Resolution 2019-14 concerns an increase in meal allowances and mileage compensation. Meal allowances went up to $10 for breakfast, $12 for lunch and $17 for dinner. The previous rates were $8, $9 and $12 respectively. Federally-mandated mileage compensation went up by 3.5 cents per mile.
Mike Matthews was appointed reserve deputy for the Roo-sevelt County Sheriff’s Office by the commissioners. Roosevelt County now has three reserve deputies.
A memorandum of understanding between the county and the Fort Peck Tribes for the use of the Roosevelt County Detention Center was extended by six months. The agreement allows for up to 10 inmates to be housed at a rate of $70 per day. The county reserves the right to refuse prisoners and a cap is set at five female detainees maximum.
Claims were accepted for December in the amount of $168,807.21 and the commissioners accepted the 2018 investment and pledged securities report.
Rick Gilbert was reappointed to the fair board.