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Culbertson Hosts Emergency Planning Committee Meeting

The Roosevelt County Local Emergency Planning Committee met Tuesday, Feb. 12, in Culbertson. Chairperson Lee Allmer, Northeast Montana Health Services director Scoff Nefzger, dispatch supervisor Jeff Wozniak, Roosevelt Memorial Health Center Foundation director Jamie Green, Oasis Petroleum staff transportation specialist Kip Wills, Bainville Fire Department’s Lyle Lambert, Roosevelt County Fire Warden Mike Olson, Culbertson Mayor and School Superintendent Larry Crowder, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration warning coordination meteorologist Patrick Gilchrist, Montana State University Extension agriculture agent Jeffrey Chilson and Roosevelt County Disaster and Emergency Services coordinator Lindsey McNabb were in attendance.
McNabb updated the committee about preparations for the 2019-20 Emergency Performance Grant, a matching grant contributing to county salary costs, supplies, tower management and training.
McNabb also updated the committee about a Homeland Security grant to cover the expense of additional warning sirens in the area. A letter of support for the project was approved by the committee.
The letter states, “It is with the full support of the committee that the grant request sets forth the first priority of purchasing additional sirens for all incorporated communities within the county. They are needed because of growth within the communities that has created voids where the current sirens cannot be heard at the distances necessary to reach newly built homes and subdivisions.”
A letter of support was approved for Roger Smith, who has applied for a statewide communications systems administrator position.
Chilson discussed an agro-
security workshop that is still in the planning stages for Roosevelt and surrounding counties. The goal of the workshop will be to identify agricultural assets and critical infrastructure in our communities.
Gilchrist reminded the attendees that ice jams present a danger to the community and recommend ways to prepare for and avoid problems related to the seasonal weather issue. According to NOAA, two-thirds of Montana’s ice jams occur in February and March.
Green discussed utilizing the File of Life program, which would allow first responders to access important health information about patients on custom cards kept in wallets and in obvious locations in the home.
Will’s Office World donated two tablet computers to the county for use in detecting underground pipelines.
According to McNabb, a tabletop exercise for assessing area responsiveness to a hypothetical measles outbreak is planned for March 18 at the Roosevelt County Health Department conference room in Wolf Point at 2 p.m.
The next LEPC meetings are scheduled for Tuesday, March 12, at the Bainville Fire Hall and Tuesday, April 9, at the Froid Community Center. Both meetings are set to begin at 2 p.m.