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Culbertson Food Bank Receives Sizable Donation From Tribes

On Wednesday, Nov. 16, Leslie Bengochea of the Culbertson Food Bank met with Floyd Azure, chairman of the Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes, who presented the food bank with a $25,000 check from the tribes in support of the food bank.

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Oelkers To Resign After Winning County Seat

Culberston Mayor Gordon Oelkers won the election for the Culbertson district county commissioners seat Nov. 8.
The Town of Culbertson recently sent out a press release congratulating Oelkers on his election win and announced that his recent win means he will resign his position as mayor.

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LEPC Continues Planning School Tours

Roosevelt County’s Local Emergency Planning Committee met Tuesday, Nov. 8, in Poplar’s District Building where several decisions were made on moving forward with the county school tours involving first responders and updates were reported.

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The Comfort & Joy Project Is Coming

The classic holiday movie It’s a Wonderful Life told us that when a bell was heard, it meant that an angel earned its wings. Today, as people race to finalize their Christmas shopping lists, the jingling you hear is most likely coming from a cash register.
However, for many, the season of giving is about getting away from the commercialization and anxiety of the season and more about getting back to time kept traditions and tapping into the true spirit of the holidays. It’s about awakening the feelings of joy and selfless giving that resonate from within or hearts.
For the second year, Roosevelt Medical Center is asking the community to pause during the busy holiday season and remember friends and loved ones by taking part in the Comfort & Joy Project. Through the project, participants can honor or memorialize loved ones through varying minimal donation options, while also sending in heartfelt cards for the residents to read.
“We wanted to create a feel-good project that had the potential to bring joy to the residents all year long. The holidays are a time for cherishing loved ones who are with us and who have passed and creating joy in the lives of others. This project celebrates those emotions while enhancing the lives of our community’s aged population for the better,” said Jaimee Green marketing and foundation director for RMC.
The donation levels include a glass bulb for $10, a lighted bulb for $20, a hanging crystal for $30, a snowflake for $40, or, a glittered angel wing ornament for $100.
The names of those being honored or memorialized will be placed on cards that will hang next to their designated ornament or lighted bulb on two trees that will be displayed in the lobby of RMC and at First Community Bank.
RMC is also asking donors to take the time to fill out the attached holiday card with a message for the residents to enjoy, some of whom may not see their families during the holidays. Each heartfelt greeting will be displayed in a special area in the sun room, where all of the residents can enjoy them.
Every penny raised during the month-long fundraiser will go directly toward enhancing the quality of life for the residents who call RMC home. Funds will be used to help support the aviary and to purchase items that will create a more home-like atmosphere and improve the quality of life of the residents.
Last year, the Project enabled RMC to recreate the Sun Room and add home decorations, a fireplace, new window coverings and a commercial-grade laminate, wood floor.
Formally known as the Lights of Love, the project has been a time kept tradition at RMC for many years. Last year, small changes were made to create an opportunity to build on the previous model to include the holiday greeting cards for the residents.
If you would like to participate in the Comfort & Joy Project, brochures will be available at First Community Bank and in the lobby at RMC on Thursday, Dec. 1. They will also be inside the Healthy Neighbors newsletters set for mailing through the United States Postal Service in early December. For more information, contact (406) 787-6476.